Are dogs allowed? Due to city regulations only legally certified service dogs are allowed into our establishment, however our dog friendly outside patio allows leashed dogs as long as they are well behaved. 

Are kids allowed? Due to state regulations we are not allowed to have any person under the age of 21+ in our establishment. Kids are allowed outside in our patio areas. 

Are there types of behaviors that are not allowed in your establishment? We have a safe space policy that states our community space does not allow any actions that discriminate or cause others to feel unsafe or unwelcome. Staff reserves the right to not serve and remove anyone who violates our safe space policy. Those who appear intoxicated will also not be served per Nevada law. 

Do you serve food? We do not prepare or serve any food but you are welcome to bring food in. There are many great restaurants nearby as well as delivery options. 

Can outside alcohol be brought in? Outside alcohol is prohibited at all times. 

Do you allow smoking or vaping? No smoking or vaping is allowed in our establishment or within 25 feet of our building 

Can I open a tab in your tasting room? Yes! You can open a running tab however by doing so you agree to pay your tab in full by the close of business day. Tabs left open will be charged a 20% tip fee. You are responsible for your total tab balance so if your buddy decides to put a couple brews on it you are therefor responsible for paying for them. 

What do I do if I have something I want to exchange or return? Please refer to our refund policy located at the bottom of our website. 

Do you have parking? We have limited parking in front of our establishment and we ask that you follow all city parking rules and respect our neighbors when parking.