Local Beer Works was founded on the belief that we should explore craft culture daily. Our lifestyle brand focuses on creativity, art, adventures, community and living our best lives. The business concept was developed by our founder Ashley Johnson who is an avid home brewer and enjoys outdoor adventures, great craft beer and developing ways to support active and modern lifestyles. Local Beer Works focuses on customer experiences and invites them in to participate, interact, and explore in fun and unique ways. We love craft beer and share that passion with our customers on a daily basis. Brewing good beer is an art form and we feel lucky to live in a time and place where this art is constantly developing and growing. Our upscale tasting room and culture center allows customers to explore the art of craft in an inviting and modern space. We offer a curated list of local and region craft beers, ciders and kombucha as well as craft culture merchandise, crafting opportunities and special events.

Company Philosophy: Nurture creative craft culture while also supporting positive community growth through events, partnerships, education and excellent customer service. 

Company Motto: Explore craft culture daily

Company Mission Statement: To cultivate and support craft beer culture while providing high quality services and products to customers

Our team


owner of local beer works  

 Ashley Johnson

I was born and raised in the Redwood forests of Northern Califrnia and now enjoy living at the base of the Sierra Nevada's in the biggest little city. I created the business concept for Local Beer Works while working on my MBA degree and wanted to develop a business that supported creativity, art and positive growth in our community. It was formed out of my love of good beer, science, art, exploring and living a life that makes me smile. I began home brewing a few years back and was taken away by the science and history of brewing beer. I completed the introduction to practical brewing course at UC Davis and am a certified Cicerone beer server. Beyond beer I enjoy hiking, playing with my dogs, learning new things, traveling and exploring the world around me. I can be found on LinkedIn at https://www.linkedin.com/in/ashleyoflocalbeerworks/


Tina Nielsen

 I am passionate about craft! Whether it's craft beer, scrapbooking, glass etching, creating cool cards or just about any other craft project I am game to try it. I met Ashley a few years back and assisted her in home brewing. After learning about her idea for Local Beer Works I felt I had to get involved. I am excited to be teaching #craftwithdraft classes at our upscale tasting room and culture center as well as sharing my love of craft with our community. Previously I ran scrapbook retreats and have created unique projects such as wedding invitations and shadow boxes for clients. I served in the United States Air Force and have previous experience working in the food and beverage industry. When not crafting or exploring craft beer you can find me hanging with friends, traveling, exploring Tahoe, hanging with my three legged dog or simply relaxing with a good book in my hand.